Things To Consider When Choosing Your First Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is one of the necessary means of cleaning homes today. Especially in Jacksonville, Florida, where pressure washing is common practice. It uses regular temperature water, unlike power washing, which uses hot water to blast away dirt.You can either opt to buy a pressure washer or outsource pressure washing in Jacksonville, FL. However, if you plan to buy one yourself, here are the things you should consider which can be beneficial when you choose your first pressure washer: 

1. The Pressure Washer’s Ratings

The ratings on a pressure washer are essential in determining the power-generating ability of your pressure and if it is a good fit for the jobs you need it for. It also determines the life expectancy of the pressure washer that you’ve chosenUsually, heavyduty jobs require high ratings, while simple home tasks are good with an average rating. These are the four basic ratings to check for when buying a pressure washer: 

  • Horse Power:

    Horsepower is pretty much what most buyers are familiar with. It refers to the power an engine generates. It also determines how much pressure and volume a pump can produce. 

  • Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI):

    The pressure produced by a pressure washer is measured in PSI. 

  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM): 

    GPM measures the water volume. Since the volume of the water is also a factor in the ability of a pressure washer to clean surfaces. 

  • Cleaning Power Units (CPU):

    Cleaning Power Units is the ultimate definition of a pressure washer’s power generating ability. It’s a combination of GPM and PSI ratings. It’s important to note both the GPM and PSI ratings along with CPU whenever you are looking to buy a pressure washer.  

If you want to clean backyard patios, driveways, decks, vehicles, or furniture in a fast and easier way, an average power rating will do. However, it’s best to opt for pressure washers with higher ratings if you’re going to do some heavy-duty jobs. Also, be sure that when you buy pressure is that you use it accordingly for safety. Here is a guide on how to choose the appropriate PSI when you buy a pressure washer: 

  • Light Duty (1,500 PSI and below)

    This is used for light-duty washing. For example, used in cleaning cars, garden furniture, bicycles, BBQ equipment, or garbage bins 

  • Medium Duty (1,500-2,800 PSI)

    For medium-duty washing like cleaning the fences, walls, driveways, gutters, patios or sheds, walls. 

  • Heavy Duty (2,800+ PSI)

    This is for more extensive and dirtier surfaces that need heavyduty washing. 

2. Price, Quality and Life Expectancy 

The quality and life expectancy will all depend on how you can afford and howdurable you prefer your pressure washer should be.  Also, sometimes the quality of an item is directly related to how much it is. For example, an expensive pressure washer can have excellent quality to the point that you can use it for such a long time. On the other hand, some cheaper pressure washers can be low-quality and might deteriorate the longer you use it.  

However, you can find a more affordable pressure washer that can go on par with expensive ones. Most of the times, it’s about how often you use it and how you maintain a pressure washer to get your money’s worth.  

3. Possibility of Repair and the Availability of Accessories

Before purchasing a pressure washer, you should also check if you can easily buy spare parts in case it needs to be repaired.  Also, you want to make sure it is easy to fix since you can repair pressure washers by yourself. However, if you’re not able to do it on your own, you can check the available repair services around your area. It’s vital to have some repair services of your pressure washer so you can use it to maintain your curb appeal’s beauty.

In addition to replacement parts, your pressure washer might need some accessories to do some specific jobs which will come in handy in the longer runYou might need some different kinds of tips, dirt blasters, or gutter cleaners for your pressure washer. Lastly, you might also want some special detergents to clean heavily soiled parts. If you can’t find any special detergents, you can make DIY non-toxic solutions that you can use with your pressure washer. 


Most people who plan to buy a pressure washer usually opt for something which is most effective in cleaning, durable, and the ones that are well-priced. Therefore, considering the power ratings of a pressure washer can be beneficial, especially if you are torn regarding its price and quality. The guide mentioned above on how correctly choose the appropriate PSI when you buy a pressure washer can help as well.