Ithaca Architects: 7 Traits To Look For When You’re Hiring One

Whether you’re building a home or establishment from the ground up or want to renovate your present house to meet specific lifestyle changes, working with an architect is always a good investment.

You might think that onboarding an architect into a project is just additional manpower to pay for, but you can’t overlook the value his skills and expertise can bring to the table. Not only will the architect’s design impact the design and functionality of your home, but he will make sure your project is completed around your budget, personal taste, and needs. In other words, hiring an architect is a cost-effective way to ensure that the project is complete upon your specifications.

Some homeowners find it daunting, if not challenging, to find the best architect to fit their needs and preferences. So, if you’re looking for one to work on your project, here are the top traits you need to consider:

1. Good Communication Skills

The architect you work with must be able to effectively comprehend your needs and preferences and then interpret these into his design. At the same time, he must be able to connect with you so that you’re both on the same page about the progress of the project. He must regularly update you and provide suggestions for the betterment of the project. It’s essential that you have a pleasant working experience with the architect so that, in the end, you come up with a project both of you can be proud of.

2. Experience

Architects who have a long and excellent track record have a lot of experience to offer to your project. While screening for the potential architect to work on your project, ask for his experience in various fields and how experienced he is in working on projects similar to yours.

You can also ask for testimonials from past clients and corporations he’s worked with. If you’re looking for experienced Ithaca architects, there are many online websites that have professional and competitive architects in their roster with experiences on various residential and commercial markets.

3. Collaborative Spirit

Your architect will not only be working with you but with builders, suppliers, and contractors as well. The project requires a team to build, and it’s crucial that the architect knows how to collaborate with the rest of the team to solve roadblocks, address issues, and achieve the best results. The architect must acknowledge that the success of the project is not only his to take pride in but of the entire team as well.

4. Pleasant Personality and Rapport

You can have an amazing architect with top-notch designs, but beyond what he can bring to the table, you also need to consider whether you and the architect will get along well. The working relationship you’ll have with your architect can heavily impact the success of your project, so it’s essential that the architect you choose has a pleasant personality and one that matches with yours.

This is especially important when you need to need an architect to work on a long-term project. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know him as you work together, but you need to make sure that this is the architect you’d want to work with from day one to the ultimate completion. With that said, look for an architect who’s extremely passionate about what he does but is also respectful to your tastes and preferences.

And listen to your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable with a potential architect during the interview, then you probably won’t work out well together.

5. Excellent Design Skills

You’re hiring an architect to make your project a reality, and it’s the architect’s job to translate the designs you have in mind into a graphical representation. An architect’s excellent design skills will help improve the understanding of the project from the client down to the last team member, allowing everyone to be on the same page. Your architect must willingly work on your design needs, especially if you’re redesigning your curb appeal and help you arrive at the best decision down to choosing between carpet or hardwood flooring or how to better renovate parts of your home to accommodate a family member with disabilities.

6. Flexibility

An architect also needs to be highly flexible to accommodate the changing needs that may take place in the project. The client may change his mind regarding some details of the design. A good architect knows that while his design looks intact on paper, he must be able to shift gears when required to produce the best results to satisfy the client’s expectations.

7. Creativity and Resourcefulness

An architect must be creative with his designs and provide the client with innovative concepts and solutions. Aside from that, an architect also needs to be creative in solving problems and try to find more than one answer so that he, the client, and the rest of the team can zero in on the best one. Additionally, you need a resourceful architect who can overcome various obstacles in the project, whether it’s a matter of design, finances, zoning, technology, etc. A great architect will do everything he can to solve problems and remove roadblocks relating to the project.

8. Confidence

Look for an architect who has a can-do attitude. When a project faces certain constraints and issues and a huge decision has to be made, the architect must be able to confidently step in and bring the project to its completion despite the hindrances. With that said, your potential architect mustn’t be afraid to take responsibility upon his shoulders and boldly believe that he’s worth hiring.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right architect for your project is a matter of personal decision, and it’s one you don’t want to make a mistake in. When you’re hiring for a suitable architect, you mustn’t only look at his designs or what his past clients have to say about his work; you must also scrutinize his personality and working attitude. After all, it’s essential that you get along well with your architect in almost all aspects because your client-architect relationship can profoundly impact the end result