How To Decorate Your Exterior Home and Roofing For More Curb Appeal

All homeowners, regardless of the size and price of their home, wants to have more curb appeal. How their home looks from the outside is important for several reasons. It can show how meticulous or complacent a homeowner is and how he or she values the home. However, increasing a home’s curb appeal is easier said than done. There are several things to consider, and if you’re doing this for the first time, you might even be clueless as to where, when and how to start. 

As a homeowner, you have the responsibility of making sure that your home looks good. The home you own is probably one of your greatest investment to date, which is why you should exhaust time and effort to maintain its value over time – and you can achieve that goal by increasing its curb appeal. Let these tips below show you how: 

1. Start with the basics:

Increasing your home’s curb appeal shouldn’t start by purchasing new items. Doing this can only lead to overspending or buying items which you don’t need. If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal without spending too much, do the following first: 

  • Inspect it: 

    Take time to roam around your house and nearby property. Take note of the things which are broken, damaged or should be replaced. Do this during different times of the day because different lighting can show you different things around the house. If possible, have a friend do the same. Most often than not, you need a fresh pair of eyes to thoroughly inspect what needs to be worked on in your home. 

  • Fix it up:

    The roof is an important component of your home. Determine if your roof is old, has visible damages (such as missing or curled up shingles) or moisture. If it does, call professionals to have your roof replaced or repaired. Some companies offer High-Performance Restoration services which can be very helpful in maintaining the overall look and functions of your roof. 

  • Clean it up: 

    This one’s a no-brainer. Having a clean home can immediately improve your curb appeal. Schedule a weekend to clean your home (you’ll need more days if you have a bigger home). You can use a pressure washer to get rid of dirt, grime, and cobwebs. Don’t forget to pressure wash the driveways, walkways, windows, and gutters, too. Once done, your home’s exterior will look fresh and clean! 

2. House paint:

Painting your walls with a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to increase its curb appeal. Not only does paint make your home more pleasing but it can also protect your siding from harsh weather conditions, as well as terminates and other pests. These benefits can impact your home’s value in a lot of ways. 

3. Pay attention to the trim and shutters:

There are different types of windows which have shutters. If your home has window shutters, consider using another color to paint these. When you do so, these shutters provide a pop of color to your home. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also add window boxes and grow flowers inside these. A properly-maintained flower bush can effortlessly add color and character to your home. 

4. The front door:

The overall theme of your home can be shown on your front door. Since this is the entryway, it’s considered as the focal point of your home. If you want to create a positive impression, paint your front door with an interesting or eye-catching color. You can use blue, yellow, red and even indigo for this purpose! And it doesn’t matter if your home’s windows are following a different color scheme. Trends are changing – gone are the days when your door should match an element in your home. 

5. Light the way:

Your home shouldn’t only look good in broad daylight; it should also look good at night. This is something which you can achieve when you have adequate outdoor lights. Today, you can purchase ones which come in different styles and sizes. Tube lights or rope lights can be used inside some areas of your garden while solar lights can be used in your walkways. These types of lights are low maintenance and can provide warmer light especially during the night. 

Start From The Outside 

Your home doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it probably took you years to save and buy the home you’re living in right now. This is the reason why as a homeowner, you should be consistent with your efforts in taking care of your home, especially with its exteriors. The aesthetics of your home reflects your personality – and if you want to create a positive image in the eyes of the public, start by working with your curb appeal. After all, the exterior of your home is the first thing people will see.