How To Decorate Glass Vases With Different Things

Your choice of ornaments can significantly affect the mood of the people living in the house. When choosing furniture and other types of home accessories, for example, it’s important to consider the size and shape of these items as these can affect the layout and comfort of the household. A family won’t feel comfortable if their homes are cramped with too many items.  

If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective way of improving your home’s ambiance and appeal, decorate glass vases with different things. Glass vases are versatile home decors that can be used for a wide variety of purposes and in different areas of your home. Plus, it’s easy to purchase one online or offline. 

Here are some ways to decorate glass vases with different things: 

1. Driftwood 

Containing flowers is one of the most common uses of glass vases. Adding flowers inside your home might add color to the space, but seeing their stems through the glass vases isn’t a very nice sight to see. This is especially true if the flowers you placed in the glass vases are full of thorns or leaves. 

For you to conceal the stems of the flowers and take your glass vases to the next level, fill them with driftwood before placing any flower inside. Driftwood, when arranged well inside the glass vases, can add a coastal and rustic texture to any arrangement or area in your home. Because of its color, driftwood can create a very neutral yet appealing look to your glass vases.

2. Fruit Wheels 

Because of their natural sweetness and flavor, serving fruits can add fun to any of your meals. This is especially true if you’re going to serve fruits as desserts or mix them with other ingredients to create another dish. Fruits are great for your taste buds, but are you aware that fruits can also work well as a home decor? 

Adding fruit wheels to your glass vases is such an unexpected yet super fun arrangement. All you have to do is cut thin slices of different fruits (oranges and apples are great choices), then place them inside your glass vases. Depending on your preference, you can slice the fruits in the same or different width/s. 

Once you’re happy with the arrangement of your fruit wheels, you can add water and put in some fresh flowers. This is a great way of adding color to your glass vases, especially when you’ll use flowers that blend in with the theme of your home. 

3. Floating Fronds 

While some homeowners want to invest in the most extravagant home decors for their properties, others want a simpler yet memorable interior design. The latter are those who would want to stand out using minimalist home decor pieces. 

If you think you fall into the latter category, fill three-quarters of your glass vases with water and use large fronds inside. The graphic lines from these fronds will surely make your glass vases more visible even when placed from a distance. This decoration is already great on its own, which means that you don’t have to place any flowers or other ornaments inside the vases. 

4. Candy Toppings 

A lot of homeowners paint their properties in monochromatic colors. More often than not, the entire home will be painted in different shades of the same color. If the living area is painted in beige, then the other areas around the home would either be cream, tan, or antique whites. 

If you want to use a cheap home decor that will break the monotony of your living spaces, place candy toppings inside your glass vases. You can fill your glass vases with candy toppings of one shape or mix them with slightly different widths. 

Since the candy toppings will melt when mixed with water, it’s best if you place artificial flowers inside. If possible, look for flowers that complement the colors of the candy toppings you use. 

5. Seeds And Succulents

Bigger glass vases might be more challenging to decorate, but with the right materials and placement, these vases can be your home’s focal point. For you to achieve this goal, fill a large glass vase with beans or seeds, add a small layer of soil on top, and place some succulents. This is a great home decor idea for rooms that receive direct sunlight. 

If you’re fond of succulents and have a couple of them at home, place them individually in differently-sized glass vases and align them together in one row. The diversity of the succulents and the glass vases you’ll use will surely make a statement in any room of your house!

6. Unused Yarn 

Not everyone has the resources to make complex DIY projects. More often than not, homeowners live a very hectic schedule–they work a full-time job, look after the condition of their properties, and take care of their children, all at the same time. But, regardless of how occupied you are, don’t worry because you can still spice up your glass vases. 

Grab a piece of yarn and use it to wrap the entire glass vase. Depending on your preference, you can use one color of yarn or use several in one glass. You can even stick your initials or favorite knick-knacks on the exterior of the glass vases.

7. Masking Tapes

Another simple and unique strategy in decorating your glass vases is by sticking masking tapes in it. You can paint your glass vase with a bold color first before placing the masking tapes or sticking the masking tapes directly to the glass vases.  

Since these are your glass vases, go all out and use as many masking tapes as possible. You can even use washi tapes for a more creative twist.  

Cleanliness Is Key 

For you to make the most out of your glass vases, remember to clean them regularly. You can mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with warm water and mix the solution inside your glass vases. You can also add in a few tablespoons of vinegar or rice if you own larger glass vases. 

Regardless of how intricate your decorations are, if your glass vases are full of dirt, all of your effort to create a well-decorated home will be useless. Displaying clean and well-decorated glass vases will surely make your home feel and look new!