Five perfect natural stone tiles for a beautiful kitchen

Natural stone

As a high traffic area the flooring in your kitchen has a very important role to play so it’s important you dedicate plenty of time and thought into finding the right product. However, the options are vast, and too much choice can be debilitating so we’ve done some of the hard work for you and selected five natural stone floor tiles that will work in any kitchen.

1. Dijon Blend Tumbled Limestone tiles
The natural, neutral shades of our Dijon Blend Tumbled Limestone floor tile compliments any style of room from country to contemporary. The variety of tones in this beautiful stone, which range from a pale grey to honey will suit both a kitchen of wooden shades or a modern and sophisticated grey scheme. The tumbled edge gives character to the tiles and texture to your kitchen.

2. Reclaimed Terracotta Hexagon tiles
Want something a little different for your kitchen? Then forget about the four-sided floor tile and take a look at its six-sided cousin, the hexagon tile. Our Reclaimed Terracotta Hexagon tiles are sourced from all over Europe and so each tile comes with their own inbuilt heritage. These stunning terracotta tiles look their most charming in a neutral kitchen, which allows their warm tones to take centre stage.

3. Grey Slate Riven Flagstones
The beauty of our Grey Slate Riven Flagstones is their ability to bring a beautiful aged look to your kitchen as though they’ve been there for centuries, giving your home a sense of tradition. Their blue-black appearance adds a sense of drama to your space and their rough cut texture adds a relaxed and rustic feel.

4. Weymouth Tumbled Sandstone tiles
Our Weymouth Tumbled Sandstone is a neutral pale beauty of a stone that brings a sense of space into any kitchen and lightening all those darker corners. These stones would suit any style kitchen from dark grey contemporary to classic wood.

5. Sandringham Honed Marble tiles
The Sandringham Honed Marble with its delicate grey veins looks fantastically sleek and luxurious on any floor. This cool stone is timelessly elegant, adding a sense of luxury to a kitchen; it looks stunning with grey or blue coloured furnishings. Marble also goes beautifully with warm metals so use gold and copper in the kitchen to bring out this floor’s opulent personality.

Not only do natural stone tiles look stunning but they will add a sense of grandeur to your home, emphasising the feeling of space and light and blending effortlessly with the surroundings. So, whether your home is a mansion or a maisonette, installing natural stone floor tiles will make an impressive addition to your kitchen, adding style, value and sophistication that will make you glad you did so for many years to come.

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