Benefits Of Using Expert Professionals For Asbestos Inspection and Removal in Seattle 

Asbestos increased in popularity in the early 1900s after discovering its various uses. Asbestos naturally occurs in the environment, and due to its abundance, it was widely used in homes and industries. In the past, it was mixed with cement due to its heat-resistant properties and strength. In the United States, the military used asbestos for maintenance, construction, and repair of infrastructure and fireproof vests. 

Asbestos seemed like the perfect mineral until doctors and scientists discovered that it is highly toxic. In the early 1930s, illnesses related to asbestos exposure rose, and by 1980, restrictions for the use of asbestos were established. Most countries are now banning the use of asbestos after a significant increase in asbestos-related deaths and diseases. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are six different types of the mineral, and all of its forms are carcinogenic. 

If you have a property that was built before the 1980s, there is a considerable chance that asbestos was used during its construction. Since asbestos was widely used as an insulator, you can expect them to be present in false ceilings, closed spaces, ducts, and walls. Generally, untouched asbestos cannot pose any harm to people. What is dangerous are damaged asbestos as its dust and fibers can enter the body and affect the lungs.  

Why Asbestos Removal Is Important 

Damaged or broken asbestos, when exposed to the air, can pose a significant health risk. This is the reason why many home and building owners would choose to check their property for any sign of asbestos. If your home or building was constructed more than 30 years ago, there is a likelihood that asbestos is present in the vicinity. Here are the reasons why asbestos removal is essential: 

1. Asbestos Exposure Can Kill People And Pets 

Asbestos is very lightweight and is commonly in fiber form. When it breaks down, the dust can quickly spread into the air. When you are exposed to the dust, breathing in the tiny particles of fiber can cause them to be stuck in the lungs, irritating its muscle tissues. Asbestos removal is vital to keep you and everyone around the area safe. You may not know it, but you may already be inhaling asbestos fibers. Symptoms of asbestos-related illnesses could take years before they can manifest in the body. The dust and fibers can damage your body’s muscle tissues and cells. 

Inhalation of toxic asbestos dust can cause some diseases like: 

  • Asbestosis 

This is the scarring of the lung tissues that is caused by irritation from asbestos fibers. When your lungs are scarred, oxygen and carbon dioxide cannot pass in and out quickly. Severe scarring will make breathing difficult. People who were exposed to asbestos for more prolonged periods have a higher chance of developing this disease, but it could also take years before apparent symptoms may appear. 

  • Pleural Disease

This is a lung condition that causes a change in the membrane that surrounds the lung and chest cavity. The said membrane will become thicker, or fluid may build up around the lungs. Although one may not experience difficulty in breathing, the lungs will become less efficient as the years pass. 

  • Lung Cancer

People who have lung cancer have a malignant tumor that occupies and blocks the lungs’ air passages. People who smoke and are regularly exposed to asbestos fibers have a higher chance of developing lung cancer. 

  • Mesothelioma

This is a rare kind of cancer that does not appear until 40 years after the exposure from asbestos. The tumor is found on the membrane that covers the lungs, chest cavity, and other internal organs. 

  • Other Types Of Cancer

Exposure to asbestos may also cause different types of cancer in the ovaries, stomach, colon, pharynx, and larynx. 

These diseases prove that exposure to asbestos can give you diseases and kill you. Since it is harmful to humans, you can be sure that it also poses health risks to your pets. To reduce the chance of exposure, you should consider getting the services of asbestos removal companies in your area. 

2.The Law Requires Asbestos Removal Under Certain Circumstances

If you have a building or house that is already over 30 years old and you plan to renovate it, there is a chance that asbestos present in the area will be disturbed. As mentioned, untouched asbestos does not pose health and environmental threats. However, once you break the asbestos, the fibers and dust spread into the air, making it dangerous to anyone within the vicinity.  

Before you can renovate or demolish an old property, you will need to have it inspected first. Once it is identified to have asbestos inside, you will need to have the asbestos removed before you can perform any work on the property. During these circumstances, asbestos removal is not an option as you are required by the law to first get rid of it. Asbestos removal is then your responsibility as the owner of the property. 

Hiring Professional Asbestos Inspection and Testing Services 

After realizing the importance of having asbestos removed from your property, the first step that you should do is to contact a professional asbestos inspector. Before hiring a company for asbestos removal, you need to confirm the presence of asbestos in your property. Hiring an expert inspector is the only guarantee you have in determining the existence of asbestos. 

The expert asbestos inspector will first conduct a visual inspection of the property for signs of asbestos. Once the inspector suspects the presence of asbestos in the area, they will acquire samples for testing. These samples are processed in an accredited laboratory, where a complete analysis is performed. The results will reveal if the sample has asbestos and its corresponding concentration. 

Benefits Of Hiring Expert Asbestos Inspection And Removal Services

1. Receive A Detailed Report

The primary benefit of hiring a professional asbestos inspector is that you will receive a detailed report of the inspection and sample testing. You can be sure that the report provided will reveal vital information and the recommended action plans as well. The report can be used when planning renovations, repairs, and construction on the property. Aside from that, the report can be used in legal matters concerning real estate transactions. 

Asbestos removal or abatement is an extensive process. A series of steps must be followed because people are dealing with a toxic substance. It is essential that when choosing a company for asbestos removal, you want those who have enough experience in handling asbestos. 

2. Work With Trained Staff

Expert asbestos removal companies have workers that are sufficiently trained and experienced when it comes to the job. Expert companies make sure that they provide workers with training and certification, which depends on the requirement of the state. With their training and certifications, these workers are well educated on the safety procedures that should be followed during the asbestos removal process. 

An expert asbestos removal company makes sure that their personnel know how to minimize the levels of exposure to potential risk. Before doing the job, experts will study the report from the inspector, and some will even assess the site themselves. Evaluating the site themselves will help them determine what safety measures should be placed to minimize the health risks. Aside from that, an expert asbestos removal company also knows how to properly dispose of the toxic substance and ensure that the working site is free from harmful elements.

3. Use Of The Right Equipment

Another essential benefit of hiring a professional is that you can be sure that they have the right equipment for the job. Asbestos, when disturbed, is very harmful to anyone and anywhere when it becomes exposed. You can be sure that good companies will use the correct equipment for the job and are also updated with the latest technology to ensure the overall safety of the environment and its workers.

4. Safety Risks Are Mitigated And Incidents Are Properly Managed

One of the risks that can happen while performing asbestos inspection and removal is the breakage of asbestos, exposing the environment to its dust and fibers. A professional asbestos removal service is prepared in case incidences like these happen. Experts know how to conduct risk assessments regarding the job. Aside from that, they already have an emergency preparedness plan in the event something happens. 

Qualified personnel will know what to do in specific incidents such as air supply failure or how to avoid contamination in case a fire breaks out in the work area. They will also know what to do in case a person will accidentally be exposed to the toxic substance. The bottom line is, experts in the field know all the possible dangerous scenarios while they work on the site. These experts are then prepared for these potential risks. 

In order to mitigate the risks of these incidents, experts know that full containment of asbestos is recommended when removing the material from large areas of the property. Removing asbestos in an industrial setting is a challenge because the more significant the area, the bigger the risk of exposing the environment to asbestos.  

When you deal with experts, you can expect that they already have a plan of action regarding containing the area while they remove the toxic material. No matter how extensive the process is, you will have peace of mind knowing that they can do the job well.

5. Proper Disposal Protocols Are Followed

Expert professionals are not only responsible for the removal of asbestos in your property but also the disposal of the toxic substances. Asbestos is only allowed on council-approved land. Different states have different councils, so you can expect varying rules in processing this hazardous waste. Transport of asbestos waste also has some rules that should be followed. These rules ensure that there is minimal breakage during the transportation of asbestos. Experts know how to make sure that there is minimal risk of exposing the asbestos to the air while they are transporting it to the dumpsite.

6. Guaranteed Compliance With Legal Obligations And Duties

An asbestos inspection and removal company is legally responsible for protecting their workers, their neighbors, and members of the public. Aside from that, there are also several federal and state rules that they need to adhere to when dealing with asbestos. The Environmental Protection Agency outlines these laws, and you can be confident that an expert asbestos removal company is aware of them. The measures include worker protection plans, dust emission control, and emergency response. You can be confident that an expert asbestos removal company will work within the legal framework and will not put you in harm’s way. 


Despite the many known harmful effects of asbestos, it is still not banned in the United States. However, many property owners still choose to have these toxic materials removed from their buildings or their homes to lessen the risk of exposure. Asbestos proved to have detrimental effects on the human body, which is why it should be handled with extreme care.  

If you plan to have your property inspected, you must hire a professional to do the job. This is critical in determining if asbestos is present in the area. Professionals have the experience and expertise to assure you which areas are dangerous and which ones are safe. Hiring an expert inspector also means that you get a detailed and authentic laboratory report of the samples that were acquired in your property. 

Hiring a professional asbestos removal company also comes with a lot of benefits. These companies know how to handle asbestos from years of experience. You can be sure that they are handling the toxic substance safely to mitigate the risks of exposure, not just to their workers but also to the environment. Hiring an expert will give you peace of mind because you can be sure that they are following state laws and rules when handling asbestos. You can also ensure that they will provide high-quality service, and you don’t need to worry about asbestos exposure anymore.