Bedroom Decoration Tips On Making It Feel Like A Haven

Lounging inside your bedroom while listening to the tunes of your favorite band is still one of the best ways to end a stressful day. Add a cup of hot cocoa or a good book to the picture and for sure, nothing could get better! Out of all the areas in your home, your bedroom is your own private space that allows you to do anything without worrying about any disturbance. This is the perfect place for you to de-stress and take a break from all the hustles and bustles of life. But when you have too many things going on in your room – a pile of paperwork in one corner, soiled clothes in the other – you might not be able to get that well-deserved rest and relaxation. In fact, stepping into this kind of room can lead to more stress. 

It’s now common to see bedrooms used as areas for working or studying. More often than not, bedrooms are furnished with different gadgets or equipment that can help an individual complete tasks. There’s nothing really wrong with using your bedroom for different purposes. But if these become too dominant in your room, which results in you having a hard time sleeping or relaxing, that’s another story. Steer away from this direction by making your bedroom feel like a haven through the following decorating tips:

1. Opt for plush: 

Your bedding is one of the most critical components in your bedroom. Its quality and aesthetics can affect the ambiance of the room and your overall experience – and to ensure that the ambiance and experience you’re going to create are both positive, opt to use plush bedding.  Plush bedding is extra soft, which can bring about feelings of comfort and protection every time you jump into it. And you don’t have to worry about looking far and wide for the perfect plush bedding for your bedroom because a lot of businesses sell a wide variety to suit your needs. You’ll have no trouble looking for plush bedding to fit your preferences and your bedroom’s theme. 

2. Add a soft carpet:

If you want to extend the plushness of your bedding to your bedroom floor, add a soft carpet. Carpets are an easy way to add comfort and warmth to your room. Carpets can also help lock in heat, which means that these are actually warming your bedroom. 

3. Throw shade:

Natural light is always appreciated in any bedroom, but when you’re getting too much of it, it might be hard for you to catch some z’s. Letting too much light into your bedroom can also disturb you when you’re trying to sleep for long hours, especially during the weekend. The best solution? Adding some shade. Nope, don’t throw shade at someone – add covering to your bedroom windows. If you want to turn your bedroom into a dark cocoon, scout for blackout curtains. As the name suggests, these types of curtains can black out light from entering your room. The darker your bedroom is, the easier it’ll be for you to doze off. 

4. Color play:

Gone are the days when your bedroom has to be painted with the same wall color or wallpaper as your house. Your bedroom doesn’t have to be monotonous just so it can look good. If you want your bedroom to feel like your own haven, combine different paint colors and wallpapers. You can paint one wall with pink hues while others are covered in floral wallpaper – the color and wallpaper design is up to you! 

5. Prepare your favorite scents:

Aside from relieving yourself from stress, aromatherapy can also help in increasing your memory capability, alleviating headaches and improving the quality of your sleep. And because you own your bedroom, you’ll have the liberty to decide what scent to use, and when you’re going to have your aromatherapy sessions. So when you’re having a bad day at school or work, light up a scented candle or use diffused oils in your favorite scent to soothe your nerves! 

6. Think about lighting:

Your choice of lighting can significantly impact the overall ambiance of your bedroom. Similarly, lights can change how your bedroom looks without the need for any renovation. Lights can even become your bedroom’s accent. When picking lights for your bedroom, avoid fluorescent lights or ones that create too much illumination. These kinds of lights will only increase your energy levels, making it difficult for you to sleep. Instead, scout for floor and table lights that have dimmers, or those that can be switched to a warm-toned bulb. Using these lights can inject feelings of coziness into your bedroom without compromising style. 

7. Use neutrals:

Your bedroom should be your haven to rest and sleep – not as your working space to accomplish tasks for the day. To make it easier for you to achieve the former, pay attention to the colors in your bedroom. Seeing a bedroom with exclusively red walls can fuel your mind to work, while yellow can adversely affect your temper. To encourage relaxation in your bedroom, opt to use neutral colors such as black, brown, grey and white in your walls and decor. 

Small Efforts Can Go A Long Way 

Although it can be tempting, you should discipline yourself to avoid bringing unfinished tasks inside your bedroom. Not only will doing this compromise your productivity levels but this can also defeat the purpose of your bedroom in the long run. Instead of using your bedroom as an extension of your workplace or study area, strive to maintain its coziness and laid back ambiance. These are simple yet effective strategies that can help you turn your bedroom into your haven.