7 Inexpensive Ways To Spice Up Any Boring Wall At Home

Most homeowners would love to revamp and reinvent their space regularly. However, home renovation can cause a lot of money, so sometimes they are left with the option of starting with one area. If you happen to be one of these homeowners, then you might be looking for an inexpensive way to redecorate your living space. 

If you are still confused as to which part of your home you should start with, go ahead and look around for a blank wall. The starting point is usually a plain, white and boring wall that is screaming for a brand new life. Think of a blank wall as a canvass for you to play with, and creatively improve by the means of the following tips: 

1. Hang up personalized frames on your wall 

You can enhance a boring wall by hanging personalized frames made of canvas, wood or metal. You can now use tools such as a laser level to hang those canvas or wood prints up your wall. Here are some ideas of what you can hang on your wall: 

  • Photo memorabilia events  
  • Travel souvenirs 
  • Diplomas and certificates 
  • Other decorations 

The personalized touch will help make your house feel so much more like your home: your own space with memories for your family to continue building.

2. Mount a mirror

Adding a mirror to a wall adds depth to your home, and it will also make a small space look and feel bigger. A mirror will also add elegance to your wall, and will make your house look homier. The mirrors that you buy do not have to be expensive, as you can score great deals as well! You can follow the following tips for you to find cheap mirrors: 

  • Check what is on sale in a hardware store 
  • Check out the flea market 
  • Check out a garage sale on your neighborhood

3. Hand an artwork 

Hanging up a piece of art in a home does not have to be limited to those who are born with the creative gift, or the money to purchase an expensive work of art. You can create art pieces yourself, even simple ones that you can do with your children: 

  • Buy a blank canvas, lots of paint and cling wrap 
  • Put in dots of paint in different colors on your blank canvas and cover it with cling wrap; 
  • Let your infant or toddler step on the canvas or run their hands around the paint to spread it. 

This art is a good way to create a sentimental abstract art of your children. Don’t forget to measure the size of your wall, and the art you plan to hang. Stick with the basic rule: small wall is to big art and big wall is to small art to create the illusion of depth on your wall.

4. Shelf it up 

Putting up a shelf on your wall is also an excellent way to add some storage space. You do not have to be so technical about this, shelf up according to your needs and the size of your wall. If you have a big wall in a bigger room, then you can go for huge, closed shelving units. If the room and wall are relatively small, then open and hanging shelving will do just the trick. Here are some ways on how shelves can spice up a boring wall: 

  • Your open shelves can be used to attach photos, books, and other personal belongings for display 
  • Shelves can add life and depth to your plain wall, as it gives your eyes more interesting things to look at 
  • Add wicker baskets on your shelves for decorative storage

5. Paint your wall with a stand-out color

Walls don’t have to be in a solitary color. Accented walls are now coming to life, and interior designers recommend that a house should have at least one accent wall to spruce up. Some rules to follow when choosing a paint color are: 

  • Go for an opposite color of your existing wall 
  • If you have pastel-colored walls, go for a darker accent wall 
  • Utilize the color wheel so that they can provide for you to choose the hue for your accent wall that will also match your current wall

6. Add a statement wall clock

Some wall clocks are usually hanged on the wall for its artistic value more than its function. Most people opt for buying a unique and unusual wall clock since it will instantly spice up your boring wall. Think of the wall clock as a statement piece. Most interior designers would recommend that you choose a wall clock as your statement piece if the wall that you are trying to accessorize is dark-colored. 

7. Decorate with wallpaper 

You can never go wrong with wallpapers. It is the quickest way for you to add some personality and life into your boring wall, and this is where you can also start building upon a theme. Interior designers suggest choosing wallpapers that will match the actual feel of the room, especially when decorating your bedroom, or the feel that you would like to achieve. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Choose a wallpaper with foliage-print if you are looking to build a more tropical, resort-home feel. 
  • If the boring wall that you would like to decorate is in the children’s room or playroom, look for wallpapers that have classic prints suitable for children, such as those in bright colors, or safari-themed or perhaps a map of the world decal. 
  • If you are trying to create a more elegant feel for your home, then you can go for classic prints in monochromatic colors. 
  • For a very relaxing feel, paisley or mandala prints will do just the trick. 

Wallpapers can be applied to a single wall as a feature or accent wall, and this feature wall is what you can use as a backdrop for you to start decorating on, such as applying mirrors, frames, shelves or plants. 


Consider all these tips and tricks as a picker-upper to your otherwise old-looking and old home. Plus, a bonus benefit you can get from spicing up that boring wall is that it can instantly make your house feel and look brand new. Remember, your home is your sanctuary, so you should feel happy about being inside the premises of your house.