Great Things You Can Make With a MIG Welder 

From the tallest buildings in your city, a handful of coins in your purse, and the copper wires that conduct electricity inside your home, metals play an integral role in the industry, engineering, transportation, and many more. As metals serve as one of the backbones of industry, experts develop various techniques in utilizing metals. Case in point – welding.  

Welding, as a vital component of art and industry, continues to flourish today with the help of welding equipment and materials. If you’re currently a beginner in the welding field, you might encounter a basic welding process called the gas metal arc welding (GMAW), or more commonly known as the MIG welding. Metal inert gas welding or MIG welding has numerous applications in the present which both beginners and DIY enthusiasts love since it helps in creating numerous applications without the need for fancy equipment. As long as you’re equipped with a good and reliable MIG welder, then you can truly make some great things such as: 

Fire Pit

When it comes to enjoying your outdoor parties with family and friends, you can build your own fire pit through MIG welding. Backyard fire pits are a great addition to your home which holds the fire, the focal point of your gathering. Since this steel fire pit is entirely do-it-yourself, you will simply need inexpensive materials: some rebar, chequer plate, and your MIG welder. 

Since metals are good heat conductors, you can retain the fire burning greater than other materials such as bricks and concrete. Here are the steps to create your own steel fire pit: 

  • Create a bowl from your steel plate through cutting its edges and shaping into a bowl 
  • Fold the edges and weld them together with your MIG welder 
  • Polish sharp bits and corners 

Optionally, you can also create your own stand made from pieces of rebar and chequer plate to hold the bowl more securely while you’re using the fire pit. While building your own fire pit, always remember a few things to ensure a memorable experience in your get-together. 

Fireplace Screen 

Having a fireplace inside your home can help you in many ways, especially for providing warmth and saving energy costs. Despite these benefits, fireplaces can also present health risks and hazards for your family, particularly in small children, so a good way to prevent these is to build a fireplace screen for your fireplace. A variety of materials can be made for this fireplace screen, but one of the best is using stainless steel because of its durability and modern yet elegant look.  

To successfully make your own fireplace screen, use the following steps as your guide: 

  • Cut the frame pieces into consistent length and size 
  • Drill holes for the rod 
  • Grind and brush the frame pieces to be assembled 
  • Prep the rods through cutting, bending, and polishing 
  • Weld the frames together  
  • Tack and position all the rods together, and weld 
  • Make the screen stand and weld into the frame using the MIG welder 
  • Assemble into your fireplace 


To help you with home organization, you can attach metal shelves on your home instead of wood pieces to ensure strength and durability, particularly if you plan to store heavy things on your shelves. These metal shelves are perfect as bedroom decorations giving an industrial and minimalistic look without sacrificing your space. 

Making your own metal shelves are entirely easy for welding beginners. You will only need to make two parts from the design: the shelf itself (can be also made from steel or wood) and the shelf brackets, which are both made from steel. For your shelf bracket, make sure that they are safe and secure to avoid further inconvenience once your shelves have been built. Shelf brackets can be made from measuring flat bar pieces and welding them into a square stock. Consequently, grinding and cleaning must be done, but it should be handled gently to avoid making the stock too sharp.  

Then, prepare your wood or metal boards cut perfectly into the spaces where you want to hang it, and then install them into the wall using the brackets. It’s entirely up to you to decorate add more features to your new shelves. 

Bar Stool

Another relatively easy for welding enthusiasts that they can make with their MIG welder is a simple bar stool that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Once you learn the basics of welding, it’s difficult to stop making new projects by employing welding techniques. To create your own bar stool, here is a simple guide to follow: 

  • Make your stool design by hand or using a 3D design software 
  • Cut necessary parts from steel, such as the square tubes and flat bar steel into their designated lengths and sizes 
  • Arrange your stool top through tacking, squaring, and welding 
  • Build your stool cross support with square tubes by welding them together 
  • Make the legs through measuring and squaring, to ensure consistency 
  • Make the top supports 
  • Weld the parts together and polish 

Depending on your preference, you can add a wood top and decorate it. Then, it’s a wrap! You can make more stools using a MIG welder with different sizes and designs as long as you incorporate the welding techniques correctly. 


Due to the simplicity of MIG welding, many welders choose to use this welding process to make useful projects applied in different fields. MIG welding ensures higher productivity, quick learning, efficiency, and versatility. With a MIG welder, you’re not limited into making the projects mentioned above but you can use it with your next DIY welding project at the comfort of your own home.